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"Ridiculously passionate," says Don Finto

Don Finto is an amazing friend of Israel and the Jewish people and a tremendous voice in the Church around the world for having a biblical heart for Israel.

"This is the most ridiculously passionate wonderful thing I’ve ever heard of." said Don Finto.

Watch the recap video of their time volunteering with The Beautiful Land Initiative here:

We want to thank Don Finto, Tod McDowell, Garrett Waltz, and the whole team from the Caleb Global.

They took precious time out of their tour to be a blessing and serve Israel by picking up trash on the Sea of Galilee. "How much time?" we hear you asking. You wouldn't believe what can be accomplished in one and a half hours. Many hands make light work.

If you're interested in joining the BLI for a cleanup you can visit our booking page and suggest a day and time to volunteer with us too!

"Why is there so much trash?" is a question we have heard again and again from saddened tourists. It's a cultural issue in its simplest explanation but the rabbit hole goes deeper. There are many answers to this question from many different angles. Many of the reasons and explanations are valid. One thing is sure, today, picking up litter in Israel turns more heads than throwing litter into the wind.

Our aim is to reverse the trend of littering by demonstrating another way. When seeking to break a paradigm, one must hammer and keep hammering until the cracks start to show. When people start to realize they like their country better when it's clean, they will start to object to poor behavior like littering. We need not only for people to turn their heads and object to poor behavior, but they also need to raise their voices. And beyond words, there should be works, and acts that support and promote the ideals behind the words.

That's why litter cleanups work. They give the opportunity to the average passerby to comprehend the cost and effort that is required to turn an area from a dump into a place in which you can relax.

If you hear what we are saying, perhaps you would like to go deeper with us. Join our team of monthly supporters, the "BLI Legacy Partners" today!


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