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About The Beautiful Land Initiative

The Beautiful Land Initiative (BLI) is an environmental stewardship organization that plays a critical role in connecting and mobilizing people with a heart for Israel to projects and initiatives that benefit both the land and the people.


BLI was founded by Jordan and Hillary Marcellino who saw the desperate need for a solution to Israel's litter problem. The mission of the BLI is simple: Pick up litter, transform culture. The BLI is dedicated to proclaiming, practicing, and provoking cultural transformation in Israel and educating the Israeli public on the importance of caring for the environment.

We view the littered landscapes as a stage for a type of street theatre through which residents and tourists can gain insight and perspective on the huge effort that littering necessitates. ​We believe beauty is worth fighting for. 

The BLI creates awareness through social media and practical action and invites the nations to participate in the Israel's restoration. One common question asked by visitors is how can they practically help the people and land of Israel? The activities of the BLI automatically put its volunteers in a posture of service, love, and blessing.

The amount of litter in Israel is staggering for a modern, first-world country. It is a privilege and honor to serve the people and the land of Israel by taking the initiative to restore dignity and beauty to the Land.

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Jordan Marcellino

Co-founder / President 


Hillary Marcellino


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