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Your donation will directly impact the Land and people of Israel by raising awareness of the harmful effects of littering and enable us to continue and expand our work in Israel. Help us restore beauty, honor, and dignity to the Holy Land. 

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Join our team of monthly donors! We are so excited to be on this journey of restoring beauty and honor to the Land of Israel. We invite you to join our efforts in playing a vital role in the restoration of Israel.


Join our team of monthly donors for $25 or more per month to get your BLI T-Shirt to rep the movement. 


1. Keep teams going out regularly to pick up litter and have all the necessary protective gear to do the work

2. Raise awareness on the harmful effects of littering on the environment and community

3. Continue our important work and expand into new territories


Donate a rubbish bin on the Sea of Galilee

Sponsor a garbage bin to be placed on the Sea of Galilee. One of biggest contributors to littering at the Sea of Galilee is the lack of infrastructure. The BLI continually goes to pick up litter at beaches that have two things in common: 1. High traffic and 2. No garbage bins. You can help impact the environment and the people who visit these beaches daily by sponsoring a garbage bin today.  

Schedule a cleanup with the BLI

Whether you are local or coming in from abroad you can schedule a time to join the BLI or bring the BLI to a location near you. 

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The Beautiful Land Initiative

The Beautiful Land Initiative is an environmental stewardship organization based near the Sea of Galilee dedicated to solving the litter problem in the beautiful land of Israel.