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BLI Legacy Partners

Become a BLI Legacy Partner

Join the BLI Legacy Partners: Uniting for a Beautiful Israel

At the Beautiful Land Initiative (BLI), we're on a mission to do more than just clean up litter. We're dedicated to restoring beauty, honor, and dignity to the Land of Israel, and we believe this journey is something worth sharing and participating in.

Why Become a BLI Legacy Partner?

By becoming a BLI Legacy Partner with a monthly donation, you become a vital part of this restoration journey. Your continuous support not only drives our litter cleanups but also enables us to:

  • Create Lasting Impact: Your contributions go beyond the surface. They help us create profound, lasting change in the environment and society.

  • Share Inspiring Stories: We produce engaging content that spreads awareness about the consequences of littering and the beauty of taking care of our Land. Your support ensures these stories reach a wider audience.

  • Champion Environmental Stewardship: We stand for more than just cleaning up litter. We're cultivating a culture of care and respect for the Land and one another.


Together, We're More Than Cleanup Crews

BLI is a community of individuals who share a deep commitment to Israel, environmental stewardship, and global transformation. As a BLI Legacy Partner, you're not just a donor; you're part of this community. Your monthly contributions will fuel our efforts and help us create a world where beauty, honor, and dignity flourish.

How Can You Join?

Becoming a BLI Legacy Partner is simple. Choose an amount that feels meaningful to you, and set up a monthly donation. Your consistent support will allow us to plan and execute impactful projects, share inspiring stories, and take significant steps toward our vision of a more beautiful Israel.

Together, Let's Restore Beauty in The Holy Land

Join us today and take an active role in restoring beauty, honor, and dignity to the Land of Israel. Together, we can create a culture where the Land thrives, people care for one another, and the spirit of restoration spreads far and wide.

Be a BLI Legacy Partner and be a part of something beautiful.

Thank you for considering a monthly donation to BLI. Your support makes all the difference.



1. Keep teams going out regularly to pick up litter and have all the necessary protective gear to do the work


2. Raise awareness on the harmful effects of littering on the environment and community

BLI-Map-Pin with map.png

3. Continue our important work and expand into new territories

The Beautiful Land Initiative is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 85-2293711

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