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Start a BLI Chapter



The BLI was launched near the Sea of Galilee and we have been making great progress, both along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and within the City of Tiberias. The BLI envisions expanding into cities across the nation with regional chapters and team leaders who will scout litter locations and lead groups of volunteers throughout the year. The BLI will coordinate international tourist and volunteer groups to participate in cleaning up litter in strategic areas across the nation, engage and empower local communities to take charge of their litter problems, coordinate with local government and bring unique and practical solutions to maintain cleanliness in the areas we target. One of the primary focuses of the BLI over the next 5 years is to establish and nurture a growing network of regional chapters throughout Israel. 

The BLI envisions being an integral part of regular extra-curricular activities of schools and universities nationwide, while simultaneously educating and empowering local communities to take charge over their litter problems in their communities.

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