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The Initiative


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The Initiative

The Beautiful Land Initiative (BLI) is a nonprofit organization founded near the Sea of Galilee in September 2015. The BLI is dedicated to solving Israel’s nationwide litter problem, and that is our mission.


The BLI engages the litter problem through:

  1. Volunteer efforts utilizing international volunteers and a growing grassroots movement in Israel.

  2. Implementing practical solutions to reduce littering and maintain cleanliness year round.

  3. Working in collaboration with municipalities.

  4. Promoting awareness through print, television, social media, and educational programs.


While the country [Israel] is ranked with "the highest standard of living in the Middle East" (wikipedia), there is still something in this assessment that is unaccounted for; and that is the attitude toward littering. The amount of litter in Israel is staggering for a first-world country. We know that this issue will take some time to solve. But it shouldn’t take that long… Israel is about the size of New Jersey!

Our goal is to connect people to the BLI who have a heart to restore honor to the highways and by-ways of Israel. The BLI is an initiative that automatically puts it’s volunteers in a posture of service, love and blessing. It’s a beautiful way to practically help Israel in an area that it is desperately needed.

Our motto is, “pick up litter, transform culture.” It is a privilege and an honor to serve the people and land of Israel by taking action to clean it up.

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