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The BLI Restoration Pendant is a stunning sterling silver piece that bears a powerful symbol inspired by a relief from a 4th-century synagogue in the ancient port town of Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee. This symbol, which has become the iconic logo for The Beautiful Land Initiative, represents the restoration of Israel and carries deep biblical significance.


At the heart of the pendant lies the star of David, a timeless emblem that has become synonymous with the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. The star is flanked by four olive branches, representing the nations from the four corners of the earth. The olive branches symbolize peace and reconciliation, embodying the hope for a restored Israel that is at peace with all nations.


The symbols between the star of David depict sheep, referencing the biblical imagery of Israel as a flock that is led and protected by God. In the center of the pendant lies Israel's national flower, the Kalanit, a vibrant red anemone that symbolizes new beginnings and renewal.


The message within the symbol could be conveyed like this: 

"The nations from the four corners of the earth are coming with olive branches of peace,

to be a blessing to the sheep upon the mountains of Israel,

for the sake of the beautiful Land."


The BLI Restoration Pendant is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry; it is a powerful statement of faith and hope. It reflects the prophesied restoration of Israel and the belief that one day all nations will come together in peace and unity. As the symbol of The Beautiful Land Initiative, the pendant embodies the organization's vision for a restored Israel and its commitment to making that vision a reality.


Biblically speaking, the restoration of Israel is a theme that is woven throughout the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. For example, in Ezekiel 36:24-28, God promises to bring the people of Israel back to their Land and to pour out His Spirit upon them, cleansing them from sin and giving them new hearts.


Pendant weight: 10.2 gr

Material: Sterling silver

Chain: Sterling silver

BLI Restoration Pendant

SKU: BLI-0044
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