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Introducing the BLI Classic Black: Now Available for Purchase Worldwide!

Join the global movement and showcase your support with the stylish BLI Classic Black t-shirt. Previously exclusive to our dedicated volunteers, we are thrilled to offer this classic design for purchase to everyone.


Created with care and passion, the BLI Classic Black represents more than just a t-shirt. It symbolizes a product with a purpose – a tangible way to contribute to our mission of changing culture, cleaning up Israel, and inspiring people around the world to make a difference in their communities.


When you wear the BLI Classic Black, you proudly represent our environmental initiatives and the impact of our litter cleanups. By purchasing original BLI merchandise, you directly support these crucial efforts.


With its timeless design and comfortable fit, the BLI Classic Black allows you to wear your commitment to creating beautiful lands for future generations. It serves as a powerful symbol of unity with a diverse global community that shares the vision of positive change.


Get your very own BLI Classic Black t-shirt and become part of the movement that is transforming culture, cleaning up Israel, and inspiring change worldwide.


Don't miss your chance to be a part of this transformative movement. Together, let's wear our purpose and make a lasting impact!

BLI Classic Black

  • These shirts are produced in Israel and shirts run a little small here. We recommend ordering one size up from whatever you are used to wearing.  So if you generally wear a Medium, we recommend you order a Large. These shirts are 100% cotton so make sure you choose the right settings on your washing machine! See your washing machines recommended cycle for cotton shirts. 

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