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Eliyah's Bar Mitzvah Project

Eliyah Aspetia_edited.jpg

About this fundraiser:

Thank you everyone for helping me raise money for the beautiful land initiative!

Our family volunteered to help BLI in 2017- we got to clean up around an apartment complex. I remember some residents coming out afterward and giving us popsicles and snacks. It’s cool looking back and seeing the small difference we made, and I am thankful I got a chance to help.

Your donation to the bin project will help keep Israel clean.  I hope one day we can all go to Israel, and maybe even see our bin in Tiberius!


Eliyah Aspeitia

Aspetia group with Jordan BLI 2017.jpeg

Aspeitia family with Jordan at a BLI cleanup in upper Tiberias in 2017

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