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Thank you for choosing to donate!

Before you continue with your $1 donation, we wanted to ask:

Would you consider increasing in pledging a monthly donation of $1 or more?

Donating monthly will help us tremendously with ongoing project development.

Every time we search for and find new donors, it costs us some money (in advertising, administrative work, etc.)

By donating monthly, you insure that even more of your donation goes directly to supporting our programs.

Some of the projects we are working on now include:

The Bin Project

BLI BIN Infographic 1 copy.jpg

Sponsor the creation of a bin to serve Israel on your behalf for years to come. 

Every bin can capture 1 ton of garbage per year. 

Every bin makes its own impact.  Every Bin bears a name. 

Every Bin is a catalyst for change. Every Bin is part of a larger picture. 

300 Bins can collect up to an estimated 9 million pounds over 15 years*. That's a big impact.

If you want to donate more than $1, click "Donate $1" above, and after you fill in your details you will have the option to select additional donation amounts.

About the Beautiful Land Initiative

The Beautiful Land Initiative is an environmental stewardship organization based near the Sea of Galilee dedicated to solving the litter problem in Israel. At any given location, whether holy or common, high places or recreational areas, highways or by-ways, you will come across copious amounts of litter along the way and most likely at your destination. Our mission is to coordinate with tour groups, volunteers, organizations, businesses, and ministries in Israel and abroad to unite to clean up litter in Israel.

The vision of The BLI is to lead by example to bring about a paradigm shift within the culture and across the nation regarding how we deal with litter in Israel.

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