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The guy who tossed the energy drink into the Sea of Galilee

The first 25 bins of THE BIN PROJECT getting ready for delivery.

Sponsor a bin in your name or in honor of someone you love, here, TODAY!


The Tiberias Promenade is about to get an upgrade! If you have been following along with the BLI's work you will have also heard of the miraculous (yes, miraculous) season of rainfall that started in the Fall of 2018. Each winter the Sea of Galilee continues to rise in major amounts. In just over 2 years, the Sea of Galilee has risen over 18 feet.

We used to lead volunteer teams to clean up the beach beneath the Tiberias Promenade, which was in actual fact the seabed. BLI volunteers have collected thousands of pounds of trash there. Now on any given windy day, you may see waves crashing over the rails onto the Promenade.

I was down at the Promenade just about 2 weeks ago talking with Asher, the beach manager of beaches in the Tiberias city limits. As we were talking I noticed a young man drinking an energy drink. He turned the can upside down and finished it off. I watched to see what would happen next. He looked right and left, I presume, to see if there was a trash can nearby. There wasn't. He turned around and tossed the can into the water!

The truth is, I am no longer surprised by this behavior, but no less disappointed to see it. It was a not-so-subtle reminder that our current project is deeply needed. You can help! Please consider making a donation toward The Bin Project to help us beautify Israel. The first 25 bins are about to get installed. We will keep you posted on the progress.


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